About Us

The Manuals is a long-term project that writes instructions for a new culture, where humans build ecosystems through creative interventions and everyday social disobedience.

In addition to a handbook, The Manuals will include an online community and a series of real-world events, giving every reader the chance to make ecological land art in their neighbourhood. These artworks will act as prototypes that have real social and ecological impact, which can be scaled up to become a wider network of infrastructure.

Alongside research on pioneering locally driven ecological projects already transforming human society, this book begins to unravel how the objects we use can be adapted to provide the foundations for a new culture, which reframes nature not as an exploitable commodity but as part of our own life-systems.

At the heart of the Manuals is a plea: we need to rethink what we’ve got at our disposal. It asks how the things we use everyday could be used by the flora and fauna that have so far been threatened by human civilisation. 

How can I be involved?

The Manuals will keep evolving with ideas added and adapted from regular people and experts across the world. We’re seeking out the specialist knowledge of every amateur gardener, professional scientist, farmer or allotment-owner, aspiring builder and architect, houseplant-planter or animal-lover, young insect-hunter or adult birdwatcher, aquarium-keeper or artist. The project is grounded in the belief that there is no bar of expertise that must be crossed before we can make a better society, and ideas from regular people can be developed by the group to produce ecologically informed and beautifully realised blueprints for a more natural world.


This site and the book will act as an imperfect masterplan: we have a clear vision for the high-impact and influential new creations that Something & Son have already begun to develop in London and across the UK. But we acknowledge that mistakes happen, approaches must change, and our first steps will not be our final actions.

In building and adapting the blueprints contained in The Manuals, we hope you will be able to improve these plans and begin new projects.

For those of us who have launched this project, we have made the commitment to, if possible, dedicating the rest of our lives to developing this guide, ensuring that it continues to collect together the best knowledge for how we can build a new civilisation and drawing up instructions to help this project go further. This work, guiding us back to nature, will be on-going.